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EOP ASSIST 3.0: Next Generation of Updates and Enhancements

04/25/2017        Duration: 1 hour

Presenters: : Madeline Sullivan, Education Program Analyst, Office of Safe and Healthy Students (OSHS), U.S. Department of Education (ED); and Alison Curtis, Product & Information Specialist, Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Technical Assistance (TA) Center.

On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EDT, the REMS TA Center, in collaboration with ED’s OSHS, hosted a Webinar to review the purpose, benefits, and process to install EOP ASSIST 3.0, our recently updated software application designed to help schools create and update high-quality school emergency operations plans (EOPs) that are customized to address a range of threats and hazards. This application walks users through the six-step planning process to develop a downloadable school EOP and generates a downloadable school EOP. Recommended participants for this Webinar include state, regional, and local education agencies on the K-12 level and their partners in school safety, security, emergency management, and preparedness.

Presenters in this Webinar provided an overview of the updated management features of EOP ASSIST 3.0, released in March 2017 and available to state agencies, regional education agencies, school districts, and schools. They also shared the different ways users may employ the tool to customize their school EOPs, and meet state and local requirements. Furthermore, the presenters reviewed the process for downloading and installing the software application on a local server and distributing EOP ASSIST to users as a Web-accessible application. Lastly, the resources that support EOP ASSIST were discussed, including the EOP ASSIST Interactive Workbook.

  • Already installed and using EOP ASSIST 2.0? Great! This Webinar will provide you with an overview of the new features in EOP ASSIST 3.0 that your institution will gain access to by upgrading your version.
  • Never downloaded EOP ASSIST? No problem! This Webinar will provide you with an overview of the tool and how your institution can use it to develop a high-quality school EOP and/or support school emergency management planning at the state or regional level.

This 1 hour Webinar included a live PowerPoint presentation, two videos, and a Question and Answer session. A Web Chat on the Community of Practice followed the presentation and may be found here:

All Webinar recordings are played back through either Adobe Connect Pro using an online Internet connection or through a video player on your screen.