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Integrating Drills and Exercises into Overall School Emergency Management Planning

08/14/2019        Duration: 1 hour

Presenters: Jennifer Lynch, Federal and Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) National Exercise Division (NED), Exercise Doctrine and Technology Integration Section; Madeline Sullivan, U.S. Department of Education's (the Department/ED) Office of Safe and Supportive Schools (OSSS); Janelle W. Hughes, REMS TA Center; and Alix Stayton, REMS TA Center.

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In this Webinar, presenters discussed how schools can integrate drills and exercises into their overall emergency management planning. Jennifer Lynch, an Emergency Management Specialist within the Exercise Doctrine and Technology Integration Section of FEMA's NED joined the Webinar to provide an overview of the NED and a description of general resources and tools available to support education agencies with planning for and executing drills as a part of overall emergency operations plan development. The presentation concluded with a Question and Answer session and was followed by a Web Chat.

The Department's OSSS, formerly the Office of Safe and Healthy Students, and its REMS TA Center hosted this Webinar to provide schools with information on integrating drills and exercise into school emergency management planning. While the live Webinar offered opportunities to respond to individual and unique questions from stakeholders and practitioners, the archived Webinar serves as a resource to help practitioners understand the importance of drills and exercises and integrate them into school emergency management planning and emergency operations plans.

All webinar recordings are played back through either Adobe Connect Pro using an online Internet connection or through a video player on your screen.