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Emergency management planning is a cyclical process that requires education agencies to continually identify and assess the risk posed by potential threats and hazards; create new collaborative relationships to enhance preparedness, response, and recovery; and assess various aspects of the school and institution of higher education (IHE) that may impact prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. The types of assessments that education agencies may conduct when working to create or revise emergency operations plans (EOPs) include site assessments, climate assessments, behavioral threat assessments, and capacity assessments. It is recommended, and often required based on the need for specific types of information, that emergency management planning teams at schools, school districts, and IHEs work with key community partners to conduct assessments. For example, local law enforcement may provide statistics that inform a college’s behavioral threat assessment activities, while state emergency management agencies may support schools with site assessments. When forming collaborative planning teams as a part of Step 1 of the EOP development process, school and higher ed emergency management teams should consider which partners will serve as key assessment stakeholders.

Higher Ed Safety Practitioners
Higher ed Safety Practitioners: Learn more about conducting assessments to inform updates and revisions to higher ed EOPs.

What’s on this page?

Resources from the REMS TA Center, U.S. Department of Education, and federal agency partners on the topic of conducting assessments to inform school and higher ed emergency planning. The resources are organized by assessment type; resources that apply to multiple assessments are listed under the General category.


Behavioral Threat Assessment

Capacity Assessment

Culture and Climate Assessment

Site Assessment

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