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The REMS TA Center offers a variety of federal agency partner resources related to planning for adversarial- and human-caused threats that may affect school districts, schools, institutions of higher education (IHEs), community partners, and parents. Click on the type of threat below to access federal resources for K-12 schools and IHEs.

K-12 Safety Practitioners: Learn more about creating a Threat- and Hazard-Specific Annex.
Higher ed Safety Practitioners: Learn more about creating a Threat- and Hazard-Specific Annex.

What’s on this page?

Resources from the REMS TA Center, U.S. Department of Education, and federal agency partners on the topic of addressing adversarial- and human-caused threats within K-12 schools and IHEs. The hazard types are organized alphabetically, along with the resources associated with each hazard.

Active Shooters

Adult Sexual Misconduct

Bomb Threats

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Criminal Threats or Actions

Cybersecurity and Cyber Safety

Domestic Violence or Abuse


Gang Violence

Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation


Protests and Walkout Demonstrations


Sexual Violence or Assault


Violent Extremism

Are you seeking specific resources or information? Visit any of the site sections below to expand your search!

  • State-Based Information: Access our State Emergency Management Resources page for info on your state.
  • Tool Box: Visit the Tool Box to view resources developed by other practitioners in the field.
  • Advanced Search Engine: Search for resources, tools, and Web pages by topic.
  • Resources page: View pages dedicated to select topics in school and higher ed emergency management, including national preparedness campaigns.
  • Related Resources: Click the lightbulb icon in the left-hand sidebar throughout the site to access topic- and page-specific resources!

You can also email us at for information on tools and resources that you might find useful!